7 Figure Cycle Review

I’m glad you decided to check out what I have to say about 7 Figure Cycle

Let’s get straight into it.

Q1. Who are the guys behind this product? Can I trust them?

This one is easy. Aidan and Steve are absolute beasts at what they do.

In fact, I know quite a bit about Aidan’s background in particular, and have seen with my own eyes that this guy is LEGIT.

He learned from the best, and has upheld impeccable standards throughout his time at the top.

Q2. Is this program any good?

I’ll be honest… I’ve not seen it. Purely because it’s very hush hush.

But I DO know a bit more about it than what is publicly available, and I’ll say this…

These guys don’t just release any old product…

They only put out the best possible training.

(In fact, this new program is completely REPLACING their last one, which was already incredibly successful)

Now from the bits of info I’ve heard from my sources, and the evidence I’ve seen, this really is going to be HUGE for a lot of people in 2018.

So yeah, this program will be insanely good.

Q3. Should I invest in this program? I already own Courses A, B and C.

For most people… the answer is no.

Reason being, this program, like every other program ever released, is not a “click for profits” system.

And the insane success rate of the beta students has absolutely no bearing over your own results, purely because your own success depends on ONE thing:

Your own drive and determination to succeed.

If you’ve struggled with every other program you’ve ever purchased, then you need to make a decision:

  1. This industry is not for you (which I don’t believe for even a second)
  2. This time, you’re going to put in 100%, and be entirely accountable for your own success
  3. Save your money, and pick ONE project you started in the past, and see it through. You don’t need another shiny object 😉

Q4. If I invest into this, will I need to stop my other ongoing projects?

Not at all. In fact, some of the most successful students were doing this on the side, while working full time jobs!

Now with that said… if you’re someone who finds any excuse not to stick to something, then it’s not for you.

You’ll need to at least put in a handful of hours each week (say 5-10… more for quicker results)

Q5. How much is this going to cost?

Unfortunately I don’t have an exact answer… Though I get the feeling it’ll be a little pricey for most people.

But before you throw your hands up in the air and say “they never do anything for the little guy!“, hear me out…

Imagine you want to start a physical store.

Perhaps a small takeaway restaurant for example.

Now before even diving into fine details, just take a rough guess…

How much money would you estimate you’d need to invest, JUST to get to the point where you can open the door?

$500? $5000?

And this is before even being taught how to run a store… and without advertising costs… staff members… supplies… equipment… the list goes on.

Point is, this also wouldn’t be within reach of the “little guy”. And yet there’s likely tens of thousands of businesses just like this, opened up in your country every year.

If someone told you, you could run a business with even MORE potential, from your own home, with very little capital, without having to give up your day job (yet)…

And the cost was say $5000…

You’d be doing everything you could to get $5000 together, right?

I know I would. In fact, it’s probably safe to say most people would.

Question 6: So… do you recommend this program?

Short answer: Kinda.

Longer answer: If you’re ready to follow instructions precisely and put in real work (as opposed to a token effort), then I have no doubt you’ll do extremely well with 7 Figure Cycle in 2018.

If you invest into this program just to add another tool to your belt, but never implement things as instructed… then I’m sure it’ll be a very expensive digital paperweight.

Question 7: Are there any bonuses if I buy through you?

I don’t really plan on promoting this product, simply because everybody else on the planet is already promoting it…

And in order to compete with those promotions, I’d need to assemble a crazy assortment of bonuses.

But I’m not going to do that. Because I feel that in many cases, having a bunch of bonuses does nothing but distract from the central topic.

With that said, if you DO decide to purchase through me, then I’ll offer one bonus:

My Skype address. So that we can discuss your project on an ongoing basis.

No it’s not private coaching, because I’m not going to give you better advice than the guys who put this together.

But damn, it’s probably the next best thing. Even just for motivation, tips and general advice, I guarantee it’ll be worth more than whatever you end up paying for the program 😉


In summary, I’ll say this:

Don’t decide yet.

Take your time to assess the materials provided… watch their free training sessions, take notes…

And above all, make a rational decision about what you want your 2018 to consist of.

Here are the resources currently available, so you can do some light research before they officially open:

Case Study


Training Session (Live, but I’ll also provide a replay if I can)

Whatever you decide to do, I hope 2018 is incredible for you, and I look forward to contributing to your success!

– Dan Mattson