Easy Trick To 10x Your Keyword Research

Today I’m going to show you a simple trick to get a bunch of data on your keywords, without all the extra steps like jumping into Google Keywords etc.

You’ve probably heard of Übersuggest – and if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat!

You can use Übersuggest to quickly find new keywords that aren’t available in the Google Keyword Planner.

This is how it works…

Imagine you’re doing a basic google search for something in the dating niche, like “why do men [something]”

While you’re typing, you’ll see some live suggestions show up, like this:

Those suggestions show up because they’re some of the most-searched phrases.

Google learns dynamically, and attempts to suggest what you’re most likely to be searching for, based on other people’s searches.

Übersuggest is built on that same technology, but takes it to the extreme.

If you type in that same phrase “why do men”, Übersuggest will cycle through even more suggestions, but will go one step further by automatically searching for:
“why do men a…”
“why do men b…”
“why do men c…”
and so on:

From there, you can export these results, and pop them into the Google Keyword Planner tool to gather data like CPC and search volume.

But I’m going to show you a faster way

There’s an extension called KeywordAnywhere that you can install on Chrome and Firefox.

And what it does, is it provides bonus data while you’re still in Übersuggest, rather than having to export everything.

For example:

The extra columns you see there are Monthly Search Volume, CPC, and Competition from 0-1, where 1 is hardest… (apparently “why do men grow beards” and “why do men get boners” are both searched for 880 times a month lol).

To install KeywordAnywhere, go here to install the extension => Click Here

Then choose Install For Chrome, or Install For Firefox (or both).

You’ll then be taken to the appropriate webstore, where you can choose to install.

Now you want to generate an API key, to activate the extension.
Go here to get your API => Click here for API

Fill out your email address, then go check your email for the link. Follow that link, and you’ll see your API key which looks something like this:

Select your key, copy it, then click the Keywords Everywhere icon in your browser, and go to Update Settings:

Then paste your API key, click validate, and you’re done! You can check out the other settings if you like, but the defaults will be fine for now.

Now when you go back to Übersuggest and run a search, you’ll see all your new metrics show up in columns like we saw earlier ?



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