Leveraging Webinar Scarcity For Easy List Building

When you want people to sign up for your list, you need to offer them a high-value free gift. There are many types of gifts you can offer, but an especially effective option is to offer a free webinar.

Limited Time Offer

One of the reasons a free webinar is so high-value to your subscribers is that it’s offered for a limited time to a limited number of people. This scarcity adds urgency. People need to sign up quickly or else they’ll lose the chance to participate.

You can utilize the effects scarcity for a free report by saying you have only a limited quantity, but it’s easy to see through this tactic because a report is really just a digital file. A webinar is an event and is actually only offered once.

The fact that your webinar is free makes it even more likely that people will sign up for it. Scarcity is used to sell very effectively, but in this case, you’re not asking for any money at all. The person only needs to give you their name and email address and they’ve gained a coveted seat at the webinar.

A Life-Changing Experience

Another reason why webinars are considered more valuable than other freebies is that they’re geared toward teaching in the traditional sense. Your subscribers can read a free report and learn something, but a webinar is like being in a virtual classroom.

Even if your webinar contains the same information as an eBook, it has a whole different feeling for your participants. This is partly because of the interactive element. It’s also because a webinar can be a life-changing experience. People pay a great deal of money to attend webinars held by experts and they come away feeling that there has been a real change in their lives.

The Work It Takes to Host a Webinar

Webinars are also valuable because most people realize the time and effort it takes to put one on. Writing an eBook takes time. But a webinar is an event that requires the coordination of many people, not to mention technological considerations and preparing the material. People will thank you for the opportunity to attend for free.

A Good Introduction

Finally, a webinar starts off your relationship with your subscriber on the right foot. It’s much more personal than downloading digital content. They have a chance to see you almost in-person. Since they’ve had a chance to interact with you, they’ll be more responsive to your list messages.

Tips on Offering a Webinar

Add an element of scarcity to your offer by establishing a time limit for signing up. Set a limit on the number of attendees. You can say that the limits are there because of technical considerations or because you need to get the seats filled. They’ll feel like one of the lucky ones who got in.

A great way to leverage more marketing power from your free giveaway is to invite some key influencers who would benefit from the information. For example, if you’re offering an online marketing webinar, invite some popular bloggers who write about online marketing for newbies. They’ll tell others about your webinar and you can do it again.

Of course, there are also the technical considerations and the fact that it takes more work and time to set up a webinar than to create a free report. But if it goes well, you’ll get more subscribers and they’ll be more responsive to your email messages.

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