The Strategy Of Preeminence

We’re all constantly looking for strategies and systems to improve our businesses and our impact in the marketplace. One of the simplest, and perhaps the most effective approaches to marketing though, is one that the majority don’t ever consider – “The Strategy of Preeminence”.

Become the most trusted adviser, care more about every other aspect than the money, and ironically the money will eventually flow back to you, and fast. You might make initial losses, but in the end, you’ll win big, and your audience will trust you more. It’s very hard to compete with someone who puts their audience first.

What is the strategy of preeminence?

Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Preeminence is first and foremost about putting your own interests to one side, and focusing instead on the needs of your clients, those you’re selling to.

Of course, you’ll always hope to gain something from your sales, but the strategy of pre-eminence encourages you to serve the audience before selling and thinking about making money. This sets you aside from almost all your competition, as most businesses are totally profit driven and don’t take enough time to really focus on serving their audience first.

Preeminence strategy is all about providing the very best information, content, advice and services to your audience, even if it means making a small loss, or actually suggesting a competitor that might be able to better serve the audience.

The benefits are that by being totally honest, helpful and transparent with your audience, over time you’ll build huge amounts of trust and authority, and people will see you as the ‘go to person’ for your subject area. You’ll be building a tribe, and there’s a very high chance that these people will buy from you later, and again and again for years into the future.

How to implement a basic preeminence strategy

The first thing to consider when implementing this strategy is who your audience are, and what they want. Knowing these two basic things will allow you to best serve them, and give them what they need to solve their problems.

A great way to get started is to send out a detailed survey, asking them what problems they’re having, what they need, what’s working well for them, etc…

Then, look at the results and consider what you offer in terms of services and products. Would YOU buy your own service if you were them? If not, why not? Focus on how you can provide the very best solution to what your audience really want, and it will almost sell itself.

Don’t just give out generic information, they could go to Wikipedia for that. Give them relevant advice and helpful, practical steps to doing what they want to do. Almost always, they’ll find it very useful and will want to learn more. Most times, they’re willing to pay to learn more, and they already trust you.

Sell them what you truly believe they need, not what would make you the most money. If you’re selling web design services to a small plumbing company, it doesn’t make sense to offer them a complete bespoke website, because they’re a one man show and just need a small landing page.

Although selling the bigger site would give you more money, it wouldn’t help them in terms of value for money, because they just need a small site to get started. Sell them only what they need, and they’ll come back to you in the future when they need more, or need something else.

Always make the customer the centre of attention, by asking questions. Asking questions is a very powerful seeing technique in fact, because it enables the potential customer to open up and literally tell you what they want to buy. Also remember to take the ‘I’ and ‘we’ out of your campaigns, and replace them with a focus on ‘you’, those you’re trying to reach.

Using the strategy to build trust

One of the main goals of the strategy of preeminence is to become the most trusted adviser in your niche or industry.

One of the most important factors when people are considering buying from a company or person is trust. If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. It’s a problem that countless online marketers run into: how to make people trust you enough to buy from you when they’re on your sales page.

By practicing the strategy of preeminence your audience will naturally trust you as a side effect of you putting them first. By focusing on providing value, they’ll naturally trust you enough to buy from you now and in the future.

Even if your audience don’t buy from you straight away, they’ll remember you for being genuine, honest, and helpful. They’ll consider you trustworthy and that could set you apart from a lot of your competition.

In this day and age, it’s very easy to tell from a glance whether a website is about making money, or helping people. We don’t have an excited reaction to websites that instantly try to sell us something, we think ‘Oh no, adverts, selling, I’m out of here’.

If instead, we land on a website that doesn’t appear to be selling anything, and instead provides lots of helpful information on the topic, we stick around for a bit. We might even enter our email address to sign up for that ‘free ebook’.

And then, two weeks later (maybe even two months later) when we get a friendly email telling us about a new helpful course the website has launched, that can help us with our problems, most of the time, we’d buy it!

Sure, it might be expensive, but we TRUST the website selling it, and they didn’t try and hard sell us at the start. They waited until they’d built a form of relationship with us, by giving us free information and helping us.

This is the power of the strategy of preeminence.

Using the strategy to build authority

You’ve probably seen those affiliate review websites that just give everything they review 5 stars. They’re the ones just trying to make money.

You might also have seen the websites that give completely honest reviews, regardless of how much money it would make them, and they’re the ones we tend to trust. When looking for a review of something, we’ll tend to look for places where people have less incentive to lie, like forums, social media or friends or family.

If people see that despite being a for-profit organization, you’re genuine, honest, and specific with your advice and services, it will again increase their trust in you, but also will give you more authority. This is especially effective if you position yourself as an expert in your area.

By practicing the strategy of preeminence, you’re positioning yourself as the authority on that subject, naturally. By not being biased, and not just focusing on self-gain, people trust you more and come to you for advice. It’s a powerful way to build your audiences trust.

Serve your audience first, focus on what they want, and in the long run, you’ll come out miles ahead of everyone else.

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